Indonesia, Emerald Chain of Tolerance



Chapter: Indonesia, Emerald Chain of Tolerance
ISBN: 978-602-72656-1-5
Writing Team: Henry Thomas Simarmata, Sunaryo, Fachrurozi, Chandra Saputra Purnama, Arif Susanto, Neneng Nurjanah, Goeswin Noer Rizal, Ahmad Sapei, Panji, Ozzy, Khomaini
Layout and Design: Andi Faisal
Pictures Repository: Khomaini
Cover’s Picture: Shutterstock
Published by: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Indonesia in cooperation with Center for Islam and State Studies (Pusat Studi Islam dan Kenegaraan Indonesia)
First Edition, February 2017
Pages: XII + 118 pages; 17 x 25 cm

The experience of tolerance exists within symbols, practices, and figures. However, the landscape of tolerance is often closely tied to its geographic counterparts. This geographic area provides us the information and reality of the archipelago – from before The Republic existed, up until 70 years afterwards.

This archipelagic reality never stops evolving and becomes the deposit or sediment of a culture of tolerance in a constant state of flux. By “pointing” to the spots of where tolerance has been successfully cultured in the geographical landscape, other experiences are nurtured and the awareness of this experience of tolerance become key indicators for the growth of the archipelago’s civilization. The occurrences of these experiences spread out from the west to the east, like an emerald chain. This chain is a symbol of how strength and durability can pull back from the brink the seemingly impossible.


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